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Portrait and narrative photography in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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About CJK weSHOOT Photography

Hi, I’m Chris from CJK weSHOOT Photography.

I’m a portrait and narrative photographer based on the Peninsular at Brisbane where my studio is located.

Photography has been a good part of my life for some 40yrs now, with my path viewing many varied locations. Turning the lens towards situations where emotions are found has allowed me to find differing perspectives in this world. Weddings and Birthdays, Events, Landscapes, Intimate, Modelling, are all canvases I have explored. It has always been a delight to work with people in a friendly warm appreciative manner, especially me being a family man, a father to many, so I smile at the little growing lives and strive to capture them at their best.

Love, wonderment, expectations, resolve. Emotions are where the heart can be found.


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